• Bookings made within 10 days of your event date are subject to a late fee of $75-$100.
  • Pricing is subject to change at any time due to travel/mileage/additional event fees.
  • Packages are customizable to your needs! If you have a specific request you want our character to accommodate for your party, please let us know by emailing us!

Frequently asked questions:

Character attendants are uncostumed assistants that wear our company t-shirts and assist our character performers with facilitating and setting up activities during your event. They help our characters keep the magic alive by acting as a means of communication with our clients and other party guests. 

We recommend that you schedule your characters to arrive around 30-45 minutes after your party begins. This allows sufficient time for all children and guests to arrive and get settled in, so that they don’t miss out on the character’s arrival or any of their scheduled activities.

No, we do not accept deposits for our bookings. We require that a full payment be made before our characters attend your event!

We just ask that you provide a large area that allows for your performer and guests to move around, play, and dance. Our themed craft usually requires a table/seating for the children to comfortably work as well. We always adjust our party activities to accommodate whatever space you provide.

5-10 minutes before your character is scheduled to arrive, one of our character attendants will send you a text message once they arrive with your performer. The attendant will also confirm that you are ready for the character’s arrival. Please note, no time adjustments can be made at this time.

Previous Partners:

We do not offer any licensed or copyrighted characters. It is not the intention of Once Upon a Time Parties D.C. to violate any copyright laws. Our characters are based on fairytales in the public domain. We only accept bookings from clients who understand we do not offer any licensed characters.