Meet Our Cast!

Anna Bertino
Character Performer

Anna is an undergraduate student at George Mason University seeking a B.A. in Communication with a minor in English. When not studying or making magic, Anna is an officer of George Mason's Equestrian Club and Show Team. She is an avid theatre lover and is passionate about storytelling through performance, painting, and writing. Her favorite Disney princess is Anna (of course!) and her favorite movie is The Lion King. She is thrilled to have the opportunity to make the day extra magical for children of all ages! 

Anna plays the Snow Princess, Cinderella, Snow White, and the Scottish Princess. She speaks German and Italian fluently, so be sure to inquire about bilingual parties/events!

Courtney Chaney
Character Performer
Cassandra Clare
Character Performer
Alexa Garcia
Character Performer/Owner

Alexa is currently a college student at George Mason University. She is a lifestyle blogger and loves expressing her creativity through graphic design, photography, and writing. She loves the magic of fairy tales and seeing the joy they bring to people of all ages! Alexa has a 4-year-old brother who helps her see how grand the world really is. She recently took a small break from reality to work at Disney World as a character attendant through the Disney College Program! Alexa is an Enneagram 7w8.

She plays Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Little Mermaid, Beauty Princess, Tower Princess, Snow Princess, and the Latina Princess. Alexa speaks French and Spanish fluently, so be sure to inquire about bilingual parties/events for the Beauty Princess or Latina Princess

Audrey Hales
Character Attendant
Anya Klatte
Character Attendant

Anya is currently a part-time student at George Mason University while in her senior year of high school. She has worked with children for many years. Her favorite part about working with children is how they can be so energetic and excitable.

Favorite Princess: Princess Kida of Atlantis- She is tough and willing to fight for her people when she needs to. She is also not afraid to speak her mind and challenge her father's belief on what is best for Atlantis.

Favorite Movie: Lion King 2: Simba's Pride

Favorite Song: Love Will Find A Way

Lauren Leppert
Character Performer

Lauren Leppert is a fun, charismatic, and enthusiastic performer who is always down for a Disney Movie sing along! She has three younger siblings and many other young cousins who keep her on her toes. She has been performing for eight years in plays and musicals including Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, and soon The Little Mermaid! Her favorite Disney Princess is Rapunzel and Tangled is her favorite movie (but her love is spread equally over every other movie!) She would love to make your day as magical as possible!

She plays Sleeping BeautyLittle Mermaid, and the Ice Queen!

Jordan McEachin
Character Performer

Jordan is currently a college student at AMDA (American Musical & Dramatic Academy) in Los Angeles pursuing a BFA in Musical Theatre.  She has been babysitting for the past 5 years and also has experience teaching and assisting children dance classes. She has been performing since a very young age,  training in dance since the age of 3 and singing and acting since the age of 9.  She has performed in various musicals including The Producers, Beauty and the Beast, and most recently 9 to 5 with her college.  Although she loves every Disney character and movie,  her favorite Disney Princesses would have to be Rapunzel and Belle but her favorite movies would be Tarzan, Peter Pan, and Tangled.  She is excited to bring a small piece of magic to kids of all ages! (Because you’re never too old for a little magic!)

She plays the Snow Princess, Tower Princess, Sleeping Beauty, and Little Mermaid.

Alison Murphy
Character Attendant

Alison is a current student enrolled at George Mason University. Alison has over three years’ worth of experience working with children. Her favorite part about working with children is the smile you can bring to a child’s face with just a few kind words. She loves to do anything that allows her to be creative which includes crafting. Alison is excited to be able to put her experience and passion of working with children into being a Princess Attendant.

Favorite Princess: Belle- “She is unafraid to be authentic self, is able to see that true beauty comes from within, and always has a book in hand.”

Favorite Movie: Beauty and the Beast

Favorite Song: Be Our Guest

Elizabeth Shofi
Character Performer

When Elizabeth isn't laughing, she's making others laugh and smile! She graduated JMU with a Bachelors of Music in Musical Theatre and has since been spending her time working at Walt Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando as a character performer. Singing became her favorite thing to do since she was 4, but she absolutely loves acting, dancing and all things performing. Some of her favorite roles she has played are Cinderella in Disney's "Cinderella," Maria in "West Side Story," and understudying Mary Anne in the debut run of "Out of Line" while at JMU. She is proud and honored to help bring magic to life for children of all ages, especially through princesses who are so strong, brave, and kind.

Elizabeth plays the Arabian Princess and the Island Wayfarer.

Hannah Swim
Character Performer
Nina Thomas
Character Performer
Kayleigh Trent
Character Performer
Ivana Villanueva
Character Performer

Ivana loves creating and sharing joy through art. She is a dancer with over 10 years of experience on different types of dances and an actor involved in award-winning plays in the Philippines. She loves teaching and inspiring children through art and imagination. She believes that art is a place for children to learn to trust their ideas, themselves and to explore what is possible. She’s excited and honored to bring to life the characters that children have loved and she herself was able to grow up with.

She plays the Arabian Princess and Island Wayfarer.

Danielle Yakusubin
Character Performer
Karina Yakusubin
Character Attendant

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