About Us

Why did we start Once Upon a Time Parties D.C.?

Once upon a time, we were all children. We grew up in princess dresses, singing along to our favorite songs of friendships, courage, and love. Even as adults, we cherish the memories we made as children. Because of this, we aspire to make a difference in the hearts of children and parents alike, reminding them that anything is possible with kindness, grace, and a touch of magic! We hope that your child finds a new friend in their favorite character, prompting them to spread the same positive values that we share during our parties.

Professional & Authentic

Here at Once Upon a Time Parties D.C., we pride ourselves on our high-quality standards. All of our costumes and are created to be as detailed and park-accurate as possible! We have an extensive process for hiring performers that are not only passionate about making a difference in the lives of children but also go above and beyond to bring character’s stories to life. All of our actors are musically trained and are detail-oriented when it comes to knowing their characters inside and out. Read more about our incredible cast members here!

Meet the Owners:

About Alexa:

Co-Owner of Once Upon a Time Parties D.C./ Performer/ Creative Director

Alexa is currently a college student majoring in Foreign Languages at George Mason University. When she was little, she dressed up as every princess, crown and all- but Belle has forever had a special place in her heart! Alexa has always felt drawn to performing and entertaining. She studied dance for over twelve years, figure skated competitively for five years, and performed in various musicals + plays for twelve years! In 2018, she accepted a position to work at Disney World as a character attendant through the Disney College Program. She recently returned from making magic as a character performer on an international tour with Disney on Ice! She loves the magic of fairytales and seeing the joy they bring to people of all ages and now wants to spread that same enchantment to people in the Washington D.C area!

Favorite Princess: Rapunzel- “She inspires me to live my dreams, no matter the obstacles that life may throw my way. She and I are both super creative, adventurous, and free-spirited.”

Favorite Movie: Beauty and the Beast or Tangled

Favorite Song: When Will My Life Begin Reprise (Tangled)


About Jeanette:

Co-Owner of Once Upon a Time Parties D.C.

Jeanette Eveland is a mom of 3, former flight attendant and has always loved the Disney princesses. Jeanette loves to cook, can throw a dinner party with 5 minutes notice, loves music and loves to dance. Jeanette’s gifts of caring and administration led her to start Once Upon A Time Parties. The light bulb went off for her when she was at a local children’s hospital and saw a princess visiting a patient. She knew she wanted to create something that would spread magic to children, inspire and encourage them. Jeanette has always been impacted by both the strength and magic of a princess and its influence on young lives.

Favorite Princess: Cinderella- “She is kind, sweet, considerate of others, and optimistic. I also love that her story involves shoes!”

Favorite Movie: Inside Out- “Because no one is perfect and we all have a little bit of everything in us.”

Favorite Song: How Far I’ll Go (Moana)


About Ashley:

Royal Advisor of Once Upon a Time Parties D.C.

Ashley Allen grew up with the Disney princesses. She was a little girl when The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast and other Disney princess movies came out. Ashley’s first love is music and she loved singing the princess’ songs. Ashley holds a Bachelors degree in Musical Theater and lived in London and New York after college pursuing her theater career. Her lifelong dream is to be the voice of a Disney character. Ashley is excited to use her experience and passion to help Once Upon A Time Parties make magic for the next generation of princess lovers!

Favorite Princess: Belle- “I love her gentle strength and ability to see the best in everyone and everything.”  

Favorite Movie: Brave- “Merida reminds me of my niece. Merida is her own girl and won’t be told otherwise. This is a beautiful story of family, reconciliation and having confidence in who you are.”

Favorite Song: A Whole New World (Aladdin)

Previous Partners:

We do not offer any licensed or copyrighted characters. It is not the intention of Once Upon a Time Parties D.C. to violate any copyright laws. Our characters are based on fairytales in the public domain. We only accept bookings from clients who understand we do not offer any licensed characters.